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The most frequently asked questions

  1. How do I use Hair for 2 (Volluma)?
    Spray it evenly several times onto thinning hair. Use a shine spray afterwards to give Hair for 2 (Volluma) extra sheen and an even more natural look.
  2. How long does Hair for 2 (Volluma) remain on your hair?
    Till you wash your hair again. You can wash it out in one go if you use a the special Hair for 2 (Volluma) shampoo.
  3. What happens if I exercise or play sports wearing Hair for 2 (Volluma)?
    Hair for 2 (Volluma) is resistant to perspiration, rain, etc.
  4. Does Hair for 2 (Volluma) leave stains?
    Hair for 2 (Volluma) clings firmly to the hair, allowing you to wear pale colours.
  5. How can I remove Hair for 2 (Volluma)?
    Wash several times with a normal shampoo to remove Hair for 2 (Volluma).
  6. How often can I spray my hair with one Hair for 2 (Volluma) aerosol?
    Depending on the surface to be treated, one aerosol contains 20-25 applications.
  7. Can Hair for 2 (Volluma) damage my hair?
    No, it is perfectly safe.
  8. Does Hair for 2 (Volluma) work on short hair?
    Yes, but there must be some hair on the scalp.
  9. Which colour should I choose?
    You should choose your own hair colour from the list. If in doubt, choose a shade darker than your natural hair colour.
  10. Can I use Hair for 2 (Volluma) in combination with other hair products?
    Yes, this does not give any problems.
  11. Can I use Hair for 2 (Volluma) after a hair transplant?
    Yes, as long as the wounds have healed and there is still some hair on the balding surface.